10 Legal Malpractice.png

Legal malpractice victory for injured victim 

Paul Rouhana of SR Legal Group secured half a million dollars in a settlement against a client’s prior attorney who committed legal malpractice.  Paul Rouhana defended against the lawyer’s insurance company’s barrage of motions attacking the claim, and ultimately resolved the matter for $500,000.00 on behalf of his client. 

9 Immigration Law.png

Green card obtained for married couple in Cumberland, Maryland

In 2018, Paul Rouhana of SR Legal Group successfully obtained a green card for a loving married couple.  Using his immigration experience throughout the years, Paul Rouhana was able to successfully defend against the Request for Evidence challenging the filing of the green card application, and ultimately obtained the green card for the client.

5 Accidental Disability.png

Federal jury trial victory saves millions for popular franchise

In 2017, Paul Rouhana of SR Legal Group, tried a week-long jury trial in federal court in Tampa, Florida.  His corporate franchise client was sued in a hostile take-over bid on trumped up accusations.  Paul successfully defended against the charges, which amounted to over two million dollars in potential damages, and also secured judgment against the other side for $400,000.00, ultimately forcing them into bankruptcy. 

6 Workers Compensation Law.png

Major victory for workers’ compensation victim against employer 

In 2017, Steven Seigel of SR Legal Group secured a $600,000.00 settlement on behalf of a client who suffered a severe leg injury due to the negligence of his employer in failing to safely secure a worksite.  Steven Seigel coordinated a team of attorneys in multiple jurisdictions in order to resolve the matter for over half a million dollars.

7 Truck Accidents.png

Six figure recovery for head trauma victim

In 2016, Paul Rouhana of SR Legal Group represented a severely injured client who suffered severe head trauma as a result of being blind-sided in a T-bone motor vehicle collision.  Because of the client’s injuries, she was forced to close her small business she had been running for many years.  Even though venued in a very conservative jurisdiction, the SR Legal Group hired experts in neurology, orthopedics, vocational rehabilitation and an economist, and ultimately secured a $350,000 settlement for his client. 

6 Workers Compensation Law.png

Lifetime benefits for disabled workers’ compensation victim

In 2016, Paul Rouhana of SR Legal Group successfully secure a lifetime of benefits for his workers’ compensation client before the Circuit Court for Allegany County at trial.  The client suffered catastrophic injuries that resulted in quadriplegia and surgeries for health complications as a result of the at-work accident.  Paul Rouhana won the verdict at trial, thereby ensuring his client would be paid for the rest of his life and have access to health care for the rest of his life.

5 Accidental Disability.png

Employment lawsuit results in six figure settlement 

In 2016, Paul Rouhana of SR Legal Group represented a married couple who were severely discriminated against by their manager and employer, including both being illegally terminated when they complained.  The retaliation by the employer, along with the discrimination during the employment, resulted in Paul Rouhana filing an employment lawsuit against the multi-million dollar nation-wide employer, and ultimately secured a six figure settlement on behalf of the married couple.